Katherine Kelly will appear alongside Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer on Sunday Brunch today (Sunday, September 20) as they talk about all things food. Last month it was reported Katherine and her husband had separated but what was the reason behind their split?

Why did Katherine Kelly split from husband Ryan Clark?

Katherine and husband Ryan Clark were reported to have split last month.

Unfortunately, it is not known why the couple went their separate ways although at the time a spokesperson for the couple described their split as “amicable”.

The spokesperson for the couple said: “Katherine and Ryan have made the difficult decision to separate.

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“But he was with someone else, and I’d only split up with my boyfriend of six years the week before.

“We became good mates first because he was part of my friend’s circle and I’d see him whenever I was visiting her.

“Then when I went back, he was single and so was I, so it was lovely to get together romantically at last.”

The actress has also revealed why she and Ryan chose to get hitched in Las Vegas.

Talking to The Mirror in 2013, she said: “We were in Vegas briefly in February on a road trip.

“We saw all the wedding chapels and brides everywhere and said, ‘That looks fun. Next time we are here…’

“If we had done a traditional wedding we would have been doing it for everyone else, but this was for us.”

During their marriage, Katherine and Ryan had daughters Orla, six, and Rose, three.

Sunday Brunch airs today at 9.30am on Channel 4.

source: express.co.uk


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