Nadia Sawalha: Loose Women host wells up as she shares sad news 'Totally heartbreaking'

Loose Women host Nadia Sawalha, 55, broke into tears as she urged her followers to help spread awareness of one friend of her daughter Maddy, 17, who has been missing since March 26, the beginning of lockdown. The ITV presenter said it is “totally heartbreaking” as she explained the story via Instagram.

Alongside a video in view of her 314,000 Instagram followers, Nadia began: “Hello everybody, this is actually a really sad message.

“You may remember that right at the beginning of lockdown my daughter Maddy’s friend Owen Harding, turned 17 in lockdown went missing.”

She went on to say: “Huge efforts have been made but he hasn’t been found as of yet. I don’t know Owen, I’ve never met Owen. He’s a friend of my daughter’s but just from a mother’s perspective, I found the whole thing totally heartbreaking and in fact now I’m working with missing people because I had no idea how many people go missing every year and the horrendous impact that has family and friends.”

Nadia began to cry before she went on to read the message Owen’s mum has sent onto her friends.

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“Again, I’m just welling up, it’s just totally from a mother’s point of view.”

She added: “I don’t know Owen and I’ve never met his family but today Maddy’s just shown me a message that his mum has just posted and Maddie’s just going to get it for me. I just want to read it out to you just in case anyone knows Owen or could post this anywhere so that if Owen is listening, we can get this to Owen so he can maybe just have a listen to this.

“Your mum says to you Owen, ‘I love you. There is nothing we can’t sort out.'”

Nadia added: “This is what all mums think.”

Nadia, who shares her two daughters Maddy and Kiki, 13, with her husband Mark Adderley, captioned her post with: “PLEASE PLEASE HELP! MISSING TEEN!

“My daughter’s friend Owen Harding went missing on the 26th of March .. his family and friends are desperate to hear something.”

She went on to plea: “Please listen to my message and do what you can. Thank you so much x.”

It wasn’t long before many fans and friends of the TV host rushed to comment and ask to share her message further.