Viewers who have already watched the docu-drama have been left split by the pros and cons of social networking.

One fan said on Reddit: “I came across The Social Dilemma myself a couple of days ago, after browsing Netflix. I have always had an interest in the psychology of online, social media, our relationship with it etc. So I watched it.

“The way that the information was broken down and explored was both mind-blowing and scary. They talk about things I’ve always had concerns about but not enough to drive me away completely myself. I have talked about deleting my social media over the past couple of years a few times but never took the plunge.

“Let me tell you, I finished that documentary and I deleted absolutely everything. Facebook, Twitter, Insta, everything. I felt so strongly by the time I’d finished, that I was involved in something much more profound than anybody gives credit for, that I didn’t want a part in it any longer.”



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