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Once upon a time in Japan a little man named Keiji Inafune took all the credit for making a little game called Mega man. A humble, unsuspecting game that launched an entire franchise. Going back to Mega Man after everything we’ve seen, is like going back to starting a fire with a stick and a couple of rocks. But that’s not to say that starting a fire like that doesn’t work. Does Mega Man hold up. Let’s find in the debut episode of the 2019 “12 Days Of TGXmas”, AKA the Megathon, AKA the 12 part TGX series finale.

The footage and images featured in the video were for critical review, satire and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976. If you want a link to the original content or believe your content is being used not under fair use, send me a direct message.

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  1. I don't find the Gutsman platforms all that bad, but Yellow Devil is a bad boss in any way you look at it.
    It's not just frustrating, but even if you somehow dodge all the attacks properly without getting hit, it's still not a fun boss, it's just boring, you just wait a lot, get probably 1 hit on him or something, then it's back to the dodging phase. It just drags on and it doesn't feel satisfying because you can only get a few hits at most with such a little timespan for his vulnerability.
    I think some of his successors were pretty good (like the Yellow Devil in the arcade games or Green Devil).
    But most of the reocurring versions of the Devil bosses were honestly pretty shit in execution.

  2. I greatly enjoyed the review, but I don't agree about the bosses. They are all beatable with your default weapon and without taking damage. I find this way more fun, except for Elecman and Fireman, Elecman is too hard without his weakness, and Fireman is one of the worst bosses in the franchise. If you fight them without using boss weapons, you'll find a lot of neat details, like Iceman shooting faster the lower his health is. I even find fighting Yellow Devil pretty fun due to how much you have to focus on the screen, and I did beat him without electricity a few times, but it's pretty stressful to pull of. I mostly agree with everything else you said, thank you for this video and a nice day to whoever read this comment. (-;

  3. I see your point about the recycled bosses. However, I think the purpose of them is to give the player direct feedback on how much they've improved and how much stronger Megaman has become because of that.

  4. 18:08 Hey, at least in this one you only have to fight 2 bosses in one stage (separated from each other) and then only 4 bosses in a row two stages later. Every other game has you fight all 8 bosses in a row in one stage.

  5. Note: Fireman becomes arguably the easiest boss in the game if you let HIM shoot first. Doing this makes him stand in one place and shoot his fire storm. The fact that I only know this because of RoahmMythril's Perfect Runs speaks volumes about how dumb the fight is

  6. When you mentioned early on about why you don't collect games as much as you used to I'm starting to see that and understand more as time goes on because the market is just getting crazy.

    I love the PS 1 and 2 era the most probably, but I can't keep buying these $60-80+ games as much. I'm thinking about getting a Japanese PS 2 and getting foreign copies of games because they're usually cheaper it seems, but I'm not entirely sure. I could emulate as my friend says, but I'm a physical copy whore so damn me I guess lol.

  7. This is probably one of the games I’m best at, along with the original Super Mario Brothers. I just recently beat Mega Man without dying for the first time and I felt a wave of euphoria wash over me as I had realized just what I had accomplished.


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