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If it’s just for Gamepass and you have any PC, why bother?
Well I have 3 pcs but none of them are very powerful so won’t run games very well. A lot of ppl prefer a console to messing with a pc.

If it’s just for Gamepass and you have a One S or One X, why bother?
Well an Xbox Series S is only £249. It is more powerful than a One X & S plus load times will be super fast. You could sell your X or S & not pay a lot to upgrade. Plus a lot of your existing games will look better.

If you want new Xbox, series x, but even then, with no games for 2 years you can’t already play, why bother?
The no games thing is ridiculous, a friend of mine who’s a die hard Sony fan was totally taken aback after lending him my One X with gamepass. He thought there has to be a catch & couldn’t believe the value & how many games are on gamepass. He’s pre ordering an Xbox Series S just to have Gamepass.

source: gamezpot.com


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