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Product Description

mekamon, robots. robotics, gaming, battle robotsmekamon, robots. robotics, gaming, battle robots

Next Level Robotics

The future of robotics is in your living room. A robot with personality and functionality that goes beyond the superficial, MekaMon offers an ever-expanding roster of unique features and experiences.

Our guiding principle is to use robotics technology to create products that entertain, inspire, and educate beyond those first few hours of gameplay.

MekaMon is designed to be more than a toy, pushing consumer robotics beyond the novelty factor.

Hardware and software developed together from the ground up means we can deliver an incredibly rich, integrated experience. Engage with the cutting edge of robotics technology with each new update.

Compatibility: Make sure your device is compatible with ARKit 2 for iOS / AR Core for Android to enjoy our range of augmented reality features. Check compatibility of your iOS or Android device by visiting and heading to ‘Getting Started’.








Take control of your MekaMon with the ReachEdu app, a coding experience like no other. Use MekaDraw, MekaMotion, MekaCode, and guided learning Missions to create your very own programs and animations!

Create anything your imagination will allow in MekaCode, a Scratch-based block programming suite. Or, get down to basics in MekaDraw, a visual line-drawing learning tool. Use the MekaMotion animation creation studio to develop your own MekaMon movements and integrate your own custom animations into your code to fully personalise your program.


Learn to code using inbuilt Missions designed to offer open and creative challenges, teaching core coding concepts while adhering to computer science curricula. MekaMon engineer Ivy Tarkova takes you through a range of programming essentials as you prepare to take MekaMon on a Mars expedition.

ReachEdu Missions are game-like and encourage a creative approach to developing the coding skills required for the future workplace. Meanwhile, individual learning tools can be used to cross-pollinate understanding and inspiration between features, allowing learners to develop unique projects and educators to deliver cross-curricular experiences.


Put your skills to the test on a virtual battlefield. Using augmented reality, the MekaMon app creates a battlefield in your living room for you to fight virtual enemies. Control your robot using your tablet or phone and defeat digital MekaMon to climb the ranks of the global leaderboard. Create your own arenas in AR Freeplay to push your skills to the limits.

Once you’ve mastered the virtual arena, take your gameplay to the next level with multiplayer battle, which pits two to four real life MekaMon against each other in real world combat. An ever-expanding roster of gameplay experiences continue to enhance your MekaMon experience with a growing library of features!

app, android, ios, mekamonapp, android, ios, mekamon

Companion Apps

Bring your MekaMon to life with the MekaMon and ReachEdu companion Apps available on iOS and Android.

Latest MekaMon App Updates Include:

18 language localisationCutting edge AR experience rebuilt from the ground upPlay anywhere: AR updates allow you to take your gameplay on the go with a virtual MekaMonMultiplayer now capable of up to four playersBrand new AR Freeplay game mode that allows you to create your own battle arenas.Ranked play with global leaderboards.

The ReachEdu App opens your MekaMon to experimentation. Discover the possibilities of coding with MekaMon across four coding tools and unlock your programming potential with guided learning Missions.

mekamon, robot, battle robot, augmented realitymekamon, robot, battle robot, augmented reality

Product Specification

• Bluetooth LE Connectivity

• Customise your MekaMon: Advanced Guns and Shields Available Soon

• Removable, Rechargeable Battery

• Android and iOS Compatible

• 7 Shield and Weapon Upgrade Slots

• 4 Infrared Transceivers

• 3 Degrees of Movement Per Leg

• 1.5 Hours of Playtime Per 60 Minute Charge

Free drive – help your Mekamon find its feet in free drive. Pilot and experiment with mekamon’s movement and gait.
Emotion – develop your own animations with the emotion Studio and give your robot its own unique movements to be mapped into gameplay.
Ar single player game mode – our revolutionary single player game mode has seen a complete overhaul with marker less AR and a new virtual Meeska experience. For the first time, Enjoy groundbreaking augmented reality gameplay even when you’re away from your Mekamon. For the first time, Enjoy groundbreaking augmented reality gameplay even when you’re away from your Mekamon. Arcore support required, find out how TO check the compatibility of your device below.
Battle mode – recruit up to four friends to experience enhanced Mekamon battles. With streamlined weapon management you can now PA and customize your robot as you make your living room The battlefield.
Personality – a life of its own – Mekamon is now more alive than ever! From multi-colored head LEDs to expressive body language, Mekamon has a number of ways to tell you how it’s feeling. Watch as your robot reacts to your touch in real-time, with highly tuned results. Mekamon lives and plays alongside you and if it’s not happy, you’ll know about it!


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