Donald Trump is fortunate that Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee due to his 'gag reel'

Jadan Horyn told that Joe Biden is not progressive and compared the Democratic nominee’s political views to the 1950s. The political commentator added that Mr Biden is prone to errors and has made a ‘gag reel’ worth of mistakes in front of voters in the past.   

Mr Horyn said: “Biden is a Liberal but in a 1950s to 1970s sense in US politics.

“He is certainly not progressive like what we have now.

“However, he is prone to errors and I think that it is fortuitous that he is the Democratic nominee.

“I think it is fortuitous that coronavirus has allowed Biden to stay out of the spotlight and to not have unenforced errors.”

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He continued: “I think the President would be quite happy if Biden had to meet with voters because when he does that, he yells at them and insults them.

“You can do gag reels of Biden doing very bad things with voters that in this type of electoral climate would be magnified if he were doing that.

“Honestly, I think it is a mixed bag.”

During the same interview, the US political commentator backed Donald Trump to win the 2020 US Presidential election.

“It was the best economy in 50 years, the best unemployment rate for every minority in the history of the country.

“I don’t think after nine months that the general opinion of the President, who has found a message that resonates with voters, will be anything other than give him a shot.

“I think with over 60 days left that is the central problem for the Democrats.”