The Ultimate Typing Championship 2020 has now come to a close after an intense final sprint. Anthony E., known as chak, was crowned the Ultimate Typing Champion on Aug 22, dethroning Sean W. (arenasnow) in a remarkable show of deftness. He’s now sitting pretty on a record breaking peak typing speed of 233WPM, averaging at 208.5 through the finale.

The competition was the second ever set up by the German manufacturer Das Keyboard—makers of the world’s first smart keyboard. It has seen geeks from across the world dashing off for the throne and the top prize, a whopping $5,000. The winner, aside from getting to keep the Das Keyboard 4 Pro Mechanical Keyboard provided for the contest, was also showered with a set of GMK keycaps and a limited edition Cherry MX keycap. Last but not least they were awarded a special pen to commemorate Das Keyboard’s 15 year anniversary, just in case all that typing had them nostalgic for the good ol’ days of hand-writing.



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