The online gambling industry is slowly but surely draining its land-based counterpart, as more and more players moved to Internet gambling. Bingo parlors were also affected by this trend and in recent years, a significant part of the community chooses Internet games. In the United Kingdom there are plenty of people who enjoy this popular game and there’s no shortage of punters in brick-and-mortar locations. Having said this, the growth of the UK online bingo industry is solid and accelerated.

Compared to other countries where bingo trails other online casino games at a distance, the United Kingdom it is still going strong. It is estimated to be worth in excess of 1 million GBP if we combine the land-based and online games. The latter represent a significant percentage of the grand total and it is also the industry that shows the greatest potential. People are working more from home and they are also more inclined to play their favorite games online.

No turning back for online players

The thing about Internet bingo is that once players realize the advantages of online games, they are reluctant to return to land-based parlors. While there are plenty of people who migrated from brick-and-mortar locations to their online counterparts, an insignificant percentage returns to them once they’ve played online. Internet players are also more active and most of them play at least once per week, which means that a lot of money is being spent online by this dedicated community.

Speaking of expenses, bingo has the advantage of being far less addictive than other casino games. Even so, many players take the safe route and choose to set deposit limits on themselves to stay on the safe side. This prevents them from spending excessively on bingo tickets, while providing them with the peace of mind needed to fully enjoy the games. Dedicated bingo websites appeal to most of the players, but there are plenty of online casinos that have added bingo alongside slots, table games and video pokers.

The perfect game for casual punters

Bingo was wholeheartedly embraced by recreational punters ever since it came around and it continues to rank high in the preference of casual players. The online bingo rooms have tailored offered for beginners and welcomes newcomers with bonuses and all sorts of freebies to convince them to tag along. In the long run, ongoing promotions and other bonuses provide the incentive to stay active and bet real money. The low price of bingo tickets further encourages players to stay active and play on a daily basis.

Winning players represent a significant percentage of bingo enthusiasts and the online rooms pay a lot of attention to their needs. In addition to a great diversity of games that include 30-ball, 70-ball, 80-ball and 90-ball versions of bingo, they have great looking and colorful websites. Mobile compatibility is insured and players can enjoy the thrills of bingo on iOS and Android powered smartphones and tablets.


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