UFO enthusiasts have excitedly shared video supposedly showing a tic tac shaped alien vessel over Albany, New York. Alien life conspiracy theorist Scott Waring took to his blog etdatabase.com to speculate wildly about the amateur video.

He said: “This UFO was seen over Albany, New York yesterday.

“The glowing white object is disk shaped and can be seen waving slightly as it’s moving forward at the end of the video.

“The object is incredibly bright, strangely so since it’s daytime and it should be more visible, but isn’t.

“These kind of UFOs often dart from cloud to cloud, but when there are less clouds and a bright blue sky background they get easily seen.”

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The clip quickly garnered scores of comments on Mr Waring’s YouTube channel.

One viewer appeared convinced by the video, saying: “When will people notice the difference between alien-and man(woman) made?”

However, many more people were left unimpressed, as one person said: “Aliens and UFOs do not exist, it’s just a weather balloon.”

source: express.co.uk


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