The tea connoisseur told Town And Country: “We’ve had the honour of supplying every successive British King and Queen from that day to the very current day.”

While the Twining family will not reveal the Queen’s favourite blend of tea, Stephen did share how to make a flawless mug of the stuff.

How to make a perfect cup of tea

1.) First, warm your kettle with hot water and discard that liquid.

2.) Then, draw fresh cold water, and heat it to exactly its boiling point. (Note: green tea requires a slightly lower temperature.)

3.) Immediately pour the water over your tea bag, and wait—maybe longer than seems necessary—for the cup to steep.

Mr Twinings said: ”In tea, colour is not flavour.

“So even if you think your tea looks ready, let it sit for the full four minutes.”

4.) Add milk and sugar to taste, and enjoy!

Mr Twining said: “You must enjoy it the way you like it.”



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