Fruit flies can often be seen flying around bins or near decaying fruit and vegetables. There are many quick ways to get rid of them as they can be very annoying. Female fruit flies are capable of laying several batches of eggs at any one time meaning the fruit fly population in a home can multiply very quickly.

“I saw the original post and everyone saying about apple cider vinegar, washing up liquid and a bowl with cling film holes poked in.

“They are my least favourite bug…but within 5 seconds of the first dish going down one was in there!”

The washing up liquid helps to break down the surface tension of the vinegar which helps the fruit flies to fall into the mix.

Another suggestion came from a Mum who had been complaining that apple cider vinegar didn’t attract any of the fruit flies in her home.

One person suggested using a bowl of wine to get the flies trapped.

This is because once they enter the bottle, it is very hard for them to climb back out meaning that they will become trapped in the wine bottle.

To ensure they become completely trapped add a little water and washing up liquid to the bottle to make sure they cannot escape.

The neck of the wine bottle makes it completely impossible for the fruit flies to climb back out again.



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