Before the introduction of console gaming and PC gaming, arcades halls were the only place you could get the gaming thrill. Arcades in the 80s and 90s were heaven on earth for kids and teenagers as they provided gaming fun with the benefit of sharing it with friends. Sadly, the rise of mobile and Pc games added more graphics and ease of access to the game, leading to the diminishing role of arcades in the gaming industry. However, all is not lost for arcade games as there is still a large appetite for these games, especially among the people who grew up at that time.

New arcades are sprouting in different parts of the world, plus people are also coming up with new ideas like arcade cafes and bars. People who would like to enjoy the classics at the comfort of their homes can purchase the machines, or play the app versions of the games in their smartphones. Let’s see some of the best old-school arcade games that you can try.

Donkey Kong

This game created by Nintendo in 1981 was a massive hit in most arcades thanks to its unique gameplay that allowed playing over four different screens. The first version of the game launched in Japan involved a carpenter called Jump man, whose mission was to rescue his girlfriend, lady from his pet gorilla, Donkey Kong. However, when the game was released in America, Nintendo employees in the US decided to change the hero’s name to Mario and his occupation from a carpenter to a plumber. Mario’s girlfriend’s name was also changed from lady to Pauline.

The game seemed strange among players during its launch as they were used to space shooters and maze-chase games. People would later understand the new concept and the game gained a huge audience within a short time.

Streetfighter II

This competitive game introduced in 1991 helped arcade games gain some ground in the 1990s. The game has several playable characters, each with their different fighting style. Streetfighter II has a competitive two-player mode where players control the characters using a six-button configuration.

Players use command-based special moves to attack their opponent in one-on-one combat made up of three scenarios. Each Scenario represents a game round where you must drain your enemy’s life to win. The 2D design made the game more appealing, and it is still considered as the best competitive game of the time.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat was a more improved competitive game than its predecessor Streetfighter. Its developer, midway added more graphics to the game by using digitized sprites instead of the hand-drawn animations that were common in fighter games of the 1980s and 90s.

Another unique feature about this fighting game was its end-of –fight moves that enabled the winner to finish off their opponent in a glorified and bloody fashion. Such moves ignited calls for the regulation of video games by the government in the US, leading to the establishment of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

Why are Arcade Games Becoming Popular Again?

Most gamers in the late 1990s up to date have shifted to playing games at home using consoles and online gaming, leading to the disappearance of arcades. The only problem with playing at home is that it does not bring the interactions and competition that gamers enjoyed in arcades. Investors have started seeing an opportunity in this, and arcade bars are now popping up in almost every city.

The arcade bars enable people who enjoyed arcade gaming in their childhood and youth to recreate their experiences and also act as an activity to engage in when catching up with friends. If you like enjoying gaming alone, but still want the experience of retro arcade games, some of the online casinos have slot games inspired by these classics. Some gaming brands also bring their players together into a community where they can chat with other players and end up making new friends. Also, online casino game developers have hopped on the train of arcade games. More and more casino providers now offer these kinds of interesting casino games with an incomparable retro-touch. Learn more about these games and more on the guide about arcade games from

Another option for people who find more fun in gameplay-based games is internet arcades. These arcades act as archive sites where you can download several classic arcade games from the 1980s and 90s. People who want to play the classic in a modern way are also not let out as there are arcade games with the incorporation of newer technologies such as virtual reality.


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