Why Meghan Markle's Necklace Reportedly Got Her in Trouble With the Palace

According to the book extract published in the magazine, Meghan later had a call with a senior Kensington Palace aide.

She “said little during the call, choosing instead to simply listen to the counsel. But after hanging up, she felt frustrated and emotional,” the published excerpt read. “While she knew the aide had good intentions, the surreal experience of having someone from her boyfriend’s office tell her what kind of jewelry to wear or not to smile at a photographer was too much.”

Per the shared book extract, Meghan later called a friend saying, “I can’t win. They make out like I’m to blame for these pictures, that it looks like I’m encouraging them, that me even acknowledging the cameras may not be sending the right message. I don’t know what to say. It was only yesterday that people online were saying I look miserable in pictures, because I was trying to just ignore the [photographer].”

The authors reported Meghan “felt damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.”

source: eonline.com