Virgin Media down: Broadband customers hit by email issues in latest outage

Some Virgin Media customers are facing a frustrating morning with the firm’s email service currently appearing to be offline and not working. The problems appear to have begun at around 8.15am this morning with many users getting an error message when trying to access their inbox or sign into to their Virgin Media accounts.

Down detector, which monitors outages across the world, is showing hundreds of complaints across large parts of the UK.

Speaking on its forum page, one Virgin Media customer said: “I cannot get on to my email at all. And I cannot contact anyone at Virgin.”

Whilst aniother added: “The Virgin webmail infrastructure is down as I can receive e-mails into my VM e-mail account via a client. I cannot log into web mail. Very poor service by Virgin Media.” has also tried to access Virgin’s services and can confirm the error message is appearing.

Along with the email issues there’s also been a flurry of reports about localised outage.

Twitter is full of users complaining that their broadband isn’t working with one frustrated customer saying, “@virginmedia broadband repeatedly down from 5 minutes to an hour and half for the past few days, always between 7:00-9:00 and 18:00-21:00 in the North Birmingham area, your website shoes no issues but there definitely is.”