Helen Skelton: 'Seriously come back to this!' Countryfile host addresses family chaos

Countryfile host Helen Skelton tied the knot with her husband Richie Myler in 2013. The couple share two sons together; four-year-old Ernie and three-year-old Louis.

The presenter took to Instagram stories and shared a video of her two boys after she had popped to the toilet.

In view of her 193,000 followers, Helen penned: “Seriously… you nip for a wee and you come back to this…”

The Countryfile presenter was shocked when she came back into the family kitchen to find her sons had gone rogue with the garden hose.

Her eldest son was soaked from head-to-toe as he pointed towards his younger brother who held onto the garden equipment.

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“I’m in charge and I do all the parenting, he’s a hands-on dad, but do you know what I mean? I’m the one who does breakfast, dinner and tea and all the rest of it.”

Helen continued: “And it’s made him appreciate me and in the same way, and this makes him sound bad but I don’t mean it like that, it’s just very easy if you’re the one going out to work, to come in and go, ‘Have you not cleaned up the breakfast dishes yet?’

“And you’re the mum who’s been spending time with the kids all day, it makes you want to punch them.

She added: “And so, the flip side of that, it’s been really good because he now gets that.”

source: express.co.uk