Helen Skelton: On The Farm host shares ‘heart in mouth’ moment during day out with sons

Afterwards, she went on to explain why she wore a pair of loose, white trousers and black sandals.

She wrote: “As a side note my choice of trousers and footwear has been questioned for this… but a) I had clothes gathering moths in the wardrobe so I wanted to give them a run out 

“B) I absolutely don’t mind getting mud/s**t on my trousers, in fact, I embrace it and c) when we aren’t recording I slip my sandals off because I like the long grass under my feet (you can’t do that with boots on, and yes I avoid the cow muck and hooves).”

Helen concluded by adding the hashtags: “#onthefarm #yorkshire #farming #rurallife #cannonhall #animals #presenterlife.”

source: express.co.uk