The Weeknd Drops ‘Snowchild’ Music Video And Fans Are Convinced It’s A Present For Ex-GF Selena Gomez’s Birthday

The Weeknd just released a music video for his song Snowchild and fans have been talking about it all day! More precisely, they have been discussing this theory that the video is about his ex, Selena Gomez!

The Weeknd’s latest music video is already at the one million views mark on YouTube so it is safe to say everyone is enjoying it a lot!

However, aside from gushing over the song and streaming the video, many of his fans are focusing on some of the subtle hints he put into the animated clip for the track that seem to suggest the musician is making reference to his ex and fellow singer, Selena Gomez!

As you might have realized by now, the new release is meant to acknowledge and pay homage to all his personas and therefore, look back at his past.

Sure enough, Selena Gomez is part of his past so it would not be surprising if he hinted at their former relationship too but fans think there is more to dissect that would lead people to believe it’s about Selena.

First of all, the video was dropped on Selena’s birthday and there are balloons visible in its first 20 seconds.

Furthermore, one social media user argued that houses and staircases in the video look a lot like some locations from Selena’s past photoshoots.

Another supposed coincidence is that Snowchild was also listed on her ‘Cooking Together’ Spotify playlist earlier this year.

It is possible that the video was The Weeknd’s way of giving his ex a very nice birthday present since she likes that song so much.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were romantically involved for nearly a year back in 2017.


One insider dished via E! News at the time that their split happened because of their busy work lives and distance.

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