Cam Newton Practicing With a Shirtless Julian Edelman Will Make You Forget All About Tom Brady

Tom Brady, who?

This is what Patriots fans are likely asking themselves after watching Cam Newton‘s latest workout video on Instagram. As seen in the video below, courtesy of Iconic Saga (@iconicsaga), the New England Patriots’ new quarterback is seen bonding with the team’s top receiver, Julian Edelman.

In fact, Edelman has also shared this practice video on his Instagram Story, including a side-eye and quiet emojis. Warning: There is an obscenity heard in the background of the video.

“And it could very well be like that,” Edelman advises Newton in the new footage. “Great ball!”

This off-season workout comes almost a month after it was announced that the former NFL MVP would be joining the Bill Belichick-led team. While it’s still unclear if Newton will be the Patriots’ starting QB, as backup quarterback Jarrett Stidham is still in the running, the 31-year-old addition has been welcomed with open arms following Brady’s departure.