Iran explosion: Panic erupts as huge third blast in three weeks rocks capital

Another deadly explosion was heard in western Tehran on Friday, according to local reports of a blast at a missile warehouse. 

However, sources claim there have been more than one in multiple regions. An intelligence official told The New York Times said that Israel was possibly behind the attack.

This has not yet been confirmed.

Initial reports say the confirmed blast hit a missile warehouse belonging to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Authorities have not yet provided any information on the cause of the blasts.

Journalist Hasan Sari claims there was more than one explosion, with others hitting the regions of Garmdareh and Quds.

Social media users have confirmed at least one of these, with one writing: “Another explosion in Iran, this time in west Tehran, causing power outage”. 

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The news follows a series of blasts in or near Tehran in recent days.

One such explosion occurred this Monday with reports of two people killed.

That blast hit a factory belonging to a car manufacturer in the city of Baqershahr near to Tehran according to the Jerusalem post, and was caused by an accident involving oxygen tanks.

On July 1, at least 19 people were killed and several others injured when an explosion hit the Sina Athar clinic, according to the BBC.

Tehran fire department spokesman Jalal Maleki said firefighters had rescued 20 people but that others died due to heat and smoke.

Mr Maleki added that the clinic carried out medical imaging and surgeries.

And on June 26, another blast hit Tehran which defence ministry officials attributed to an industrial gas tank explosion.

Ministry spokesman Davoud Abdi said: “A gas tank exploded in the Parchin public area. Thank God there were no casualties.”