Dr Hilary has been on hand on Good Morning Britain throughout the coronavirus pandemic to offer advice and today he started off the show by reminding viewers coronavirus is “still out there”. The resident doctor explained while many people would have followed social distancing rules, there were thousands who caused concern as they flocked together to celebrate the reopening of pubs and bars.

He warned this could lead to local lockdowns as coronavirus could “is still there” and the public still “need to be vigilant”.

Piers Morgan asked: “It’s becoming more noticeable that doctors and medics and scientists around the world, they are now identifying large groups of people inside as being the problem.

“In other words, if you’re outside, it’s not risk-free and there are risks and so on, but actually, what they are really worried about, why the bars have all been shutting again in California and Texas and other places is that they’ve been seeing big spikes from bars and people inside sweating and shouting and so on.”

Dr Hilary explained: “The virus itself is pretty fragile when it is outside the human body. It decays quite quickly.

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“The virus is out there, we have lockdowns in one area and Spain has started to implement lockdowns too.

“Coronavirus is still there, it is in Europe and here – we still need to be vigilant.”

Dr Hilary’s comments about coronavirus come after Good Morning Britain host Kate Garraway revealed she has been told to return to work.

Kate’s husband Derek Draper has begun to emerge from a deep coma after his battle with coronavirus and he is beginning to make progress with his recovery.

source: express.co.uk


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