Top Reasons Why You Need to Become (ISC)² CISSP Certified ASAP

In this generation, an organization or a business is never too small to be at risk. As long as you enjoy all the online perks, you gradually open yourself to cyber threats. Because of the correlation between online opportunities and risks, there’s a great need for cybersecurity specialists. However, it’s not enough to just be skillful. You have to prove your worth to the employer by adding top-level certifications to your profile. So, let’s find out the top reasons for adding the CISSP badge to your CV list. The CISSP cert:

  • Is one of the best cybersecurity credentials in the world

When it comes to high-ranking cybersecurity credentials, the CISSP badge is no doubt a name to conjure with. It’s more than just a certification; it’s your key to successful cybersecurity career and many experts can attest to that. If you’re still unsure, don’t worry because we’ve rounded up another set of reasons why you should earn this credential as soon as possible.

  • Is offered by (ISC)², a prime cybersecurity organization

As a global association for security leaders and professionals, (ISC)² is a leading name in the cybersecurity industry. Their international reputation has paved the way for the transformation of over 150,000 certified specialists. CISSP, in particular, is just one of the many credentials offered by (ISC)². And you might be surprised to know that they also have accreditations for other industries like healthcare, architecture, and such.

  • Shows your willingness to grow professionally

Earning the CISSP certification demonstrates your willingness to grow your skills. Not everyone has the capacity to complete a cybersecurity badge. It’s because obtaining a certification itself is a significant investment that needs full commitment and attention. You have to be physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally ready. That is why when you successfully finish your credential, you deliberately establish your value to employers. You justify your skills in planning, implementing, and administering an effective and efficient cybersecurity program.

  • Caters to a specific group of individuals who do not possess the necessary experience

The CISSP certification isn’t for everyone. It’s targeted at those with a painstaking background in vital security domains such as risk management, security operations, network security, and software development. Consequently, the CISSP badge is particularly designed for IT directors, security systems engineers, chief information security officers, security analysts, security consultants, and the like. Your work experience must be at least five years so that you can pursue this certification. However, you may be allowed to accomplish your cert even if you have only one year of experience. How come? Well, you just have to satisfy the requirements set by the organization, including a 4-year college degree. If your education is not enough, you can still pass the CISSP exam and become an Associate of (ISC)². This is a perfect detour while you complete the needed work experience.

  • Uncovers an extensive collection of exclusive materials

(ISC)² offers you a wealth of opportunities that you can use for your professional growth. From educational tools to exclusive resources, the process of obtaining your CISSP credential helps you become a better and reliable cybersecurity professional. And for your CISSP exam, they provide a specific set of test materials. These include training courses that suit different learning preferences and schedules. Through their official training providers, you can smartly study and cover the essential assessment content. Aside from physical and online courses, they also supply a variety of self-aid materials such as study guides & apps, textbooks, and mock tests.

  • Magnifies your networking opportunities

With your membership in (ISC)², you join the brightest security experts and professionals in the world. As a result, you cultivate your networking opportunities and even your peers. Having colleagues in the same area of expertise is very helpful to your career. This way, you can share and earn relevant insights that you can apply to your work. A wider network also keeps you ahead of the trends and threats surrounding the industry.

  • Gives you the chance to work with the government

It’s not easy to earn a spot in the government. But if you have the CISSP certification, you are one step closer to clinching a position in the US Department of Defense. As a premier cybersecurity accreditation, the CISSP technically meets the US DoD Directive 8570.1. Since 1994, (ISC)² has been training and validating thousands of government personnel and contractors to become skilled and certified cybersecurity professionals. More than that, (ISC)² has created a specific credential that is regulated with the US Risk Management Framework.

  • Welcomes you to the (ISC)² community

Completing your CISSP badge also means your acceptance to the ever-dynamic community of (ISC)². Once you become a member of this famed certification body, you solidify your skills in cybersecurity so you give more value to the company or organization you are working for. Furthermore, (ISC)² wants you to grow professionally, hence they offer ways to help bolster up your career. These include exclusive conferences and events to keep you inspired and empowered in your cybersecurity pursuits. On top of that, they have a series of educational opportunities for you to stay current with the latest tech updates and practices. To wrap it up, (ISC)² supports your career development in every step of the way. They want you to become a cybersecurity leader who has the right skills, attitude, and goals toward professional prosperity.

  • Boosts your salary

Acquiring your CISSP credential means a bunch of job opportunities that are available to you now. claims that with this accreditation, you may become an information security manager whose salary in one year is $120k, an information security analyst earning $89k annually, or a cybersecurity analyst with $96k as a yearly income. The highest annual salary offered for this badge was announced by and is $170k.


Don’t get left behind and start plotting your CISSP certification journey. This international credential is more than just proof of your security proficiency! It’s a sign of your passion for professional growth and willingness to stay updated with the tech advancements. And in the field of cybersecurity, it surely pays off if you are one step ahead of the others. Keep learning and never settle for less because cybersecurity is a field that is always changing. Good luck!