Where to find Apex Legends' bunkers

Searching for the Apex Legends bunker locations? Season 5 introduces four new bunkers to the Kings Canyon landscape, but players will have to wait to gain access to all the underground lairs. Dataminers believe they may have already worked out what lies in these mysterious vaults, suggesting that golden weapons await courageous players. 

Patience is required if you want to reach the underground goodies as the grand opening of each Apex Legends bunker is scheduled weekly throughout June and July. From the bunkers we’ve visited so far, it’s clear that valuable gear is tucked away inside. To help you prepare for when these areas become accessible, here’s a rundown of where each Apex Legends bunker can be found, how to get their doors open, and what’s likely to be waiting inside. 

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

All Apex Legends bunker locations

source: gamezpot.com