Chris Evans: Virgin Radio DJ blasts co-star for on-air gaffe: 'It's getting on my nerves!'

It’s one of those weeks it seems for Virgin Radio host Chris Evans, 54, who admitted he’s growing tired of his co-star Vassos Alexander. Well, he’s getting tired of his dad jokes.

And who doesn’t love a dad joke?

Chris by the sounds of things as he apparently hears them every single morning and Monday was no different.

While teasing a Formula 1 segment coming up in the show, Vassos proceeded to make the ultimate dad joke.

“What do we want? Formula One. When do we want it?…”

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Featuring on the show to discuss the former Top Gear presenter’s new 500 Words Black Lives Matter pop-up scheme, the TV doctor expressed his delight that children can come together to write about something so important.

Earlier this month, the BBC announced they were scrapping the creative writing contest after a decade on-air, something Chris was disappointed to hear.

Coming up with the idea while he was at Radio 2, the station had since adopted the initiative even after he left the broadcast last year.

After giving the pop-up frontman Michael Underwood, some tips on how to motivate his school children to getting involved in the final ever competition, Chris seemed distracted by a little detail Ranj had mentioned earlier in his interview.