Andrea McLean 'horrifies' Loose Women co-star by admitting she farted on guest's pillow

Loose Women favourite Andrea McLean, 50, shared a surprising revelation on today’s episode of the ITV show, which stunned her co-host Brenda Edwards, 51. Viewers were in for a shock when Andrea admitted she once farted on a pillow to get revenge on a guest who was staying in her home.

The star got onto the subject while discussing revenge stories with her fellow panellists, Brenda, Jane Moore and Janet Street-Porter.

Andrea explained she was less than impressed with the house guest at the time when they made a rude comment about her bathroom not being clean enough.

She revealed: “I had someone in my life years and years ago and sadly I couldn’t not speak to them for various reasons.

“And they came to stay one time… And this person was very particular about cleaning.

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“They came downstairs and said right to my face, ‘Could you tell me where your cleaning stuff is? I do like a nice clean bathroom’.

“I’m not talking mucky toilet, she wanted to clean the whole bathroom.”

Andrea continued: “So I said, ‘Yes, of course.

“And then before she went to bed that night, I sat on her pillow and farted on it. I smoothed it over, had a little smile and went to bed.”

“I hold up my Devil Bendy voodoo doll and tell the Devil Bendy, I put him back down, and I know he will deal with it,” the presenter explained.

“Janet, what is that!? Bendy doll!? What is this!?” Brenda quizzed in response.

Andrea then wondered: “Putting that out into the universe, devil is going to get you? That kind of thing?”

“Exactly, yes,” Janet candidly replied.

Elsewhere, Andrea revealed she will “never” go back to wearing an “uncomfortable” underwired bra again after spending time without one while at home during the coronavirus lockdown.

In an exclusive interview with, the television personality said: “Well it’s one of these things where you think, ‘Who decided that this is how we should all be?’

“I think I’m never going to go back to an underwired one again, that’s for sure.

“It’s about comfort, rather than thinking, ‘I’m doing this because that’s how it’s always been’.”

She added: “The bra analogy can actually carry out for the rest of the world, you know, ‘Why did we do that again?’”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.