How To Find Modern Warfare's Hidden Teddy Bear Militia

An army of teddy bears lurks in a very inconspicuous place within Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and they’re packing quite a lot of firepower.

A new season of content arrived on June 11 for Modern Warfare and Warzone, including the new “Trench” 2v2 Gunfight map. At first glance, Trench is a typical Gunfight map, and since those matches play out fairly quickly, players likely haven’t had much time to explore their surroundings. As it happens, Trench’s outskirts contain a lone bunker, blending in with the rest of the drab décor, and it’s pretty similar to the bunkers being explored in Warzone’s ongoing Easter egg hunt.

The door also has a keypad just like those battle royale bunkers, so you’ll need to find the access code before glimpsing any of the secrets held within. (Luckily, no fancy keycards are needed this time.) The five-digit code is scattered around the map, and you need to acquire the numbers in a specific order.

The correct code grants access to an elaborate war room full of plushies.

As you enter, you’ll notice a group of teddy bears strategically placing what appear to be Beanie Babies across some sort of map. I’m really not sure if their intentions are noble or nefarious, but at least they found good use for a worthless stock of beanies.

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Screenshot: Activision (Kotaku)

There’s a ton of detail in this bunker, especially for something that could easily go unnoticed. One bear is dressed up like Captain Price, a Modern Warfare fan-favorite character. Their hideout is decorated with missile blueprints, maps, and even photos of Captain Price himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if Infinity Ward slipped an Easter egg within an egg here, but it’s hard to make out all the pictures and documents.

If the bunker bears are simply enjoying some Call of Duty cosplay, they’ve gone a little overboard, as they’re wielding some epic firepower. You’ll notice a five-digit code on a red telephone, which you can input into the bunker keypad to make the phone ring. Interacting with the phone will open up a second set of doors at the bunker’s far end. But beware, as these doors lead to an even larger teddy bear wielding dual miniguns.

Obviously, a death-dealing plushie was something I had to experience for myself, and it was totally worth it. I thought the bear was indeed going to kill me, but instead it just riddled me with bullets until nearly killing me. Then the doors quickly closed, and I heard the bear self-destruct in very dramatic fashion. You can’t trigger the bear more than once in a single match, but you’re still free to keep exploring the bunker.

The bears aren’t the first Easter egg spotted on a Gunfight map. Previously we’ve seen a toilet paper Easter egg on “Aisle 9,” and Santa’s sleigh could be triggered on the holiday version of the “Docks” map. The teddy bears on Trench now serve as both the cutest and most elaborate such discovery, but remember: You probably don’t want to cross them.

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