E!'s Justin Sylvester Hosts Powerful Talk About Race With Gregory Gourdet & Dr. Wendy Osefo

On the Black Lives Matter protests:

Gregory: “Unfortunately, here we are in this thing and people are still dying. You know, we lost two trans people [Riah Milton and Dominique ‘Rem’mie’ Fells] a part of the trans community, rights are getting taken away, we’re getting murdered…What we’re fighting for is still happening as we speak. As much as we protest and as much as we riot, these things are still happening, you know? People are still getting shot in Georgia. So, it’s like, are we not loud enough?”

Dr. Wendy: “For this type of movement to be happening or to be catching national attention, and it is an election year, I mean, people, this is truly the perfect storm. Let’s keep this going until November. And it’s not just about presidential elections, it’s also about your local elections, that’s really important. I want people to understand that this momentum needs to stay for us to effectuate change. When we look at the Civil Rights [Movement], they were protesting for days. Not 20 days, I’m talking about 300 days. I’m talking about a lot of work, so this is going to take time.”

source: eonline.com