While the Switch doesn’t have its own version of Wii Fit (yet), Fitness Boxing on the Switch might be just the thing you’re looking for if you want to work out in your living room.

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  1. I'm am a fitness instructor and I predict this game will cause injuries in the elbow for many people Lot's of people don't know how to throw air punches. They just swing their hands, like they try to cast a fishing line, instead of doing a real forward motion punch. So they overextend their arms and "punch" until their elbows lock. This is bad and is especially bad when you have a little weight in your hands like gloves or a controller.

  2. let me tell you this game made my butt look great and arms toned. for 50$ it seems like a lot until you compare a single price of 50$ to a continuous price of just gym admission (not including a trainer ect.) edit: also the calorie burn is based of an equation based on your weight vs. how many punches and ducks you do. they will be different for everyone. for example a few jabs is ~10 calories for my 230lb ass but my 135lb gf will only burn ~7

  3. The game has reconfirmed something I've thought for a while.

    We need Pro Joy Cons. Something more sensitive and can detect movement better. My family plays Just Dance on my switch and are missing moves because the Joy Con hasn't recentered or registered any movement. When I box using this, I get the same issues as McDonell. Before I throw a punch, it's registered that just pulling my hips back was a strike and I got a miss. It becomes frustrating.

  4. I'm playing the game with a co-worker and it's really fun away to get me to work out. I also hate working out. I'm a nerd not a jock! hah. It's been fun so far though and I feel stronger in my arm and legs. We got this game after we had read online that it was actually selling out in Japan after people there started posting their weight loss results! I do get real sore often though after a session but I'm sure most of that is from lack of exercise. So far I'm digging it though and hope to keep it up for now. At least until a new fitness game shows up or I kick it up a notch with real fitness boxing classes or other such thing.

  5. If I get a Nintendo switch as my gift and I get this my mom would secretly using this to lose weight because she have been dreaming of being thin so she has been doing a "diet" but she has been eating fat things that's why

  6. Price is the main hard point for me. Even with variety it's one type of exercise, and only 20 songs. 20$ sure, 30$ maybe. 50$ is ridiculous. Also "Baby" is not a song I want to listen too, unless you're giving me a punching bag that looks like Beiber.

  7. i need to help my brother sweat more because his doctor said he needs to lose weight. We did jog, power walk and some sit ups and pushups, including stretches. But i want him to be entertained also to continue exercise. So this game, I forgotten existed !

  8. Thanks much for the review. The gamification of fitness is — for better or worse — pretty much the only thing that's going to get me to exercise at this point. And even at a full price $50, that's cheaper than the $300/year my local gym charges, so that works for me. I'll look into Switch Fit too but, thanks to your review, this one is on my shortlist.

  9. Been using this for straight 2 weeks. First2 days, I was sore as heck. Then, I was able to tolerate it.. It gets harder as I proceed. I want to somehow exaggerate my moves (like if I have to punch the body and lower the leg, I will really lower my leg).30 minutes of exercise is really nice! Music selection is okay. Party Rock Anthem is somehting I'd rather keep playing because it's very motivating. It gets me moving, it gets me fit, I'm watching my food intake. Can't wait to incorporate Ring Fit Game with this game as well for my routine.

  10. You wont learn much but it is decent exercise especially if you just want a bit of cardio and cant make it to the gym if it be you work odd hours, on a trip or a bit shy. But if you want to learn something and get in better shape go do some kickboxing much better 🙂

  11. If your planning on using this to really learn boxing I wouldn’t recommend it. The punches are a little slow and it encourages dragging your punches back and the punches they throw are not all technically sound.

  12. Yo great video, im downloading this now it was on store for 35 USD so i went for it..

    One pro tip, part of the process is Diet…well scratch that 80% of it is diet…changing the diet while using any work out will yield results. We as people cannot out excerize a bad diet 🙁

  13. The game is cool, but man, the trainer just won’t shut up. I feel this game should be like DDR with boxing; listening to the music and punching, but all I hear is READY AND…..ONE TWO THREE. God.

  14. If you stay at the right pose (not like 2:40 with your hands close to each other and to your chest) the movement detection is good. The problem comes when you don't return correctly to your pose after a punch. That adds even more complexity and difficulty to it. You have to punch, recover your stance, then punch, dodge or whatever the game is telling you to do. It's true that sometimes the game detects uppercats and hooks with both kind of movements, but if you want to workout and be honest to yourself you'll do the right one anyways.


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