PlayStation Now, xCloud, Google Stadia, so many services are making this big push for gamers to finally start streaming their games. And understandably no one wants to. Sony’s PlayStation Now has been here for a few years, and I think it’s time we really put it to the test. We give PS Now a pop quiz in Internet speeds and we test my patience for what threatens the very existence of my shelf that displays all my games. I hope you’re happy Sony.

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  1. So all those people saying streaming is the future, it's not and never will be. It's certainly never ever going to be a replacement for playing games locally. Which means the quicker it dies off like all the other technology fads we've had over the years, the quicker Devs can stop wasting their time and money on it and put that effort into making better games.

    (Bet I get some bitch ass fuck who comment some shit bullshit remark about how I'm talking crap and they lie about their internet speed saying "uhhh, I've only got 15mb and it works great for me" when in actuality, they've got a consistent 80mb and still whinge elsewhere on the internet about how their internet is shit, I know dickheads like this exist)

  2. But your Upload speed is 4.8Mbps. Download is important for streaming the game, but every input you make on the controller have to be uploaded. I have 200 down and 20 up and works great.

  3. I Pay 50 bucks for 100mb down. Have been trying psnow onWiFi. Now I heard ps4 has slowed down there speeds..shooters feel like your just on a slow sensitivity and fighters should definitely be ignored. Ps2 and ps4 games are downloadable BUT after streaming through and beating all of killzone 1,2 and 3 and it’s actually really really good. Image quality is looking like 720p for me around the block and I really got hooked on it and entirety of psnow . Writing in 2020 so a year after this guy. Also a whole year is 45 dollars right now. Which basically just considering the ps4 games you get already makes it worth it. I recommend it if you have decent speeds

  4. Fibre-broadband/5G + PS5, i hope, will take this game streaming to another level! The concept is there, it just needs that next step to complete the puzzle! I really hope they can get this right!

  5. Sony clearly recommends using a direct ethernet cable.
    Even if you have a 100 mbps over WiFi, it won't be as fast as using a direct cable from your router

  6. I have used ps now just to play the god of war games and only had a few lag problems whenever someone hung up the landline phone. But overall it’s decent and I get 720p throughout which is the max.

  7. I got ps now to try it on my pc, i wanted to play bloodborne and i didn’t have my ps4 with me. I’m running on an internet speed of 170mbps and to tell you the truth, it’s a big let down. A game like this one needs the least input lag possible and to look nice, not perfect but nice. As you can guess, both the lag and the presentation are not good. I don’t recommend ps now on pc, it needs a lot of work.

  8. I think it's come a fairly long way since last year. I've been playing the first inFamous on PSNow for the last couple weeks and the service has been great so far. Haven't been kicked off or anything and the input lag is barely noticeable nowadays. Obviously it still drops the resolution sometimes, but it's still very very playable now. It's not perfect by a long stretch but it's getting better I think!

  9. We have the highest speed connection we can get and my download speed is 465.8 kbps. I tried to play mafia 2 and in the first part you play where you shoot that dude, I pointed my joystick to the left and nothing happened until 4 seconds later and it finallly moved.

  10. My psnow is god awful! Shuts down with wireless and lan connection. Downloaded games are fine but there aren't that many you can download. I want to be able to stream but it just won't let me!

  11. it might be your american service provider. by no means is the service perfect but being in london, uk with virgin fibre i get mostly fantastic performance from the service. i try not to compare it with my pc's performance as it wouldn't be fair, but all in all haven't regretted paying for this service at all.


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