Native Americans are being hit hard by the Coronavirus pandemic and now Otep Shamaya is joining forces with United with an incredible offer that not only blesses America’s First Peoples but her fans as well. Otep is encouraging people to either donate supplies or money to United Natives and then send her a copy of their receipt via DM. She will then, in turn,  put the fan on her personal guestlist for life including a plus one.

Dr. Michelle Tom is spearheading the movement and is uniting partners in different communities to help those who are vulnerable and at risk of Covid-19 and in desperate need of supplies. Otep shared multiple videos on her social media networks where she listed items that are in great demand. You may see the message that Otep Shamaya posted on her Twitter account below.

Otep Shamaya stated the following.

“The #Navajo have more infected per capita than any state in America & WE CAN HELP ❤️ Send supplies to the address below & screenshot the transaction, DM it to me & I’ll put you on my personal guest list FOR LIFE w/a plus one ✨RT ✨ #diné #covıd19 #bethechange ✊🏽 #Otep”

Here is another video that Otep shared where she made suggestions for items that are in great need. Those who can’t buy and send supplies to United Natives can donate money and send Otep that receipt as well.

In one of the videos, Otep also said that the people who participate in this charitable giving and submit their receipt will also get access to Otep’s VIP list.

Otep also revealed she is organizing a virtual fundraiser that will help benefit the United Natives organization and Native Americans who are at risk of acquiring the deadly Covid-19.

What do you think about Otep’s offer? Though Otep doesn’t have direct messaging currently enabled on her official Twitter account, she does have it set up on Instagram and Facebook. Those who want to DM their receipts to her should send it to her on those platforms.


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