Reginae Carter has been a spokesperson for Savage x Fenty which is Rihanna’s lingerie company for several months now.

The young reality TV star and burgeoning actress, therefore, often posts sizzling photos where she is wearing pieces of lingerie much to the delight of her followers and, of course, the brand.

In a recent interview, Reginae revealed how her father, legendary rapper Lil Wayne feels about her showing off her toned body on social media.

She also shared with the world what her mother, Antonia “Toya” Johnson, said about the pictures.

The 21-year-old model told Page Six Style: “When I first posted, my mom was like, ‘Okay, don’t get too lively with the lingerie. My daddy never really mentioned it. I don’t know what he thinks about it, but my mom is like, ‘Right now, don’t take no more clothes off.’”

The T.I. & Tiny: Friends and Family Hustle star went on to confess that she is not at ease posing in the lingerie and added: “When I first started out, I wasn’t really the type to show thongs [and be] sexy and stuff. When I was picking out my options, I was trying to get PJs — but Rihanna’s team was like, ‘No, send her sexy.’”

Reginae went on to say that seeing that she is working with a pop icon and fashion mogul, so she accepts to wear the skimpy creations.

She stated: “I don’t cry over nobody; Rihanna is the only person I ever cried over when she performs. I just love her. I hit her up after she did the Diamond Ball, and I was like, ‘Okay, now you got to let me come next time,’ and she was like, ‘I got you, girl.’ And not too far after that, they hit me up to be an ambassador.”

Reginae went on to talk about Rihanna: “Meeting Rihanna is like going outside after being in quarantine for three months. She smells really good. Every time I see Rihanna she gives me hugs. She’s so cool and down to earth. Her whole persona is so sweet and humbling and very welcoming.”

She also revealed how she gets ready for the photoshoot: “If I see a little bulge, I’m going to do a three-day detox and drink water and eat fruits and veggies. When I go out to eat, I do push the macaroni and cheese away. I try to balance the whole full thing because I’m short already, so I have to get myself together. I don’t want to be too thick.”


Reginae is becoming an independent brand.

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