Bella Hadid Now Follows Selena Gomez On Social Media Following Breakup From The Weeknd Who They Both Dated!

After initially unfollowing Selena Gomez on Instagram when she was dating The Weeknd, whom the supermodel also dated, it looks like she’s followed her again on the social media app! In other words, it sounds like there is no bad blood between the two stars just because they were romantically involved with the same man.

That being said, it did not take the fans long at all to notice that Selena apparently has a fan in Bella.

One fan account tweeted yesterday a screengrab that proved she was following the singer on Instagram again, about a year after she and The Weeknd put an end to their on again, off again relationship.

As mentioned before, however, both Selena and Bella dated the male singer, and they were not following each other on social media for most of that time!

In reality, it was Selena who followed Bella first, in November of last year.

Now that the situation has changed and the model is no longer involved with the crooner, she’s decided to return the favor!

Sure enough, Selena also waited for their second split to follow Bella.

After all, between October 2017, which is when Selena and The Weeknd ended things and November of 2019, when Bella and he broke up for a second time, Selena was also not following the supermodel.

It might have been a matter of pride but the circumstances have obviously changed so now, neither is afraid of showing love to the other!

Both of them were apparently ready to put the past behind them and fans love it!

After all, there is no need for drama just because of their failed romances with the same man!


Instead, the stars are now ready to openly celebrate and show support to one another online and that is rare, but definitely great to see!

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