The Most Comforting Chicken

Welcome back to Five Weeknight Dishes. This was the week I killed the sourdough starter. We were close during the first month of quarantine, but with humans to feed, provisioning enough flour and time to keep the relationship alive was getting harder. It was giving me reproachful vibes from the counter every time I passed through the kitchen. I also felt reproached by some scallions in the kitchen of the chef David Chang, who was cooking on Instagram this week. He is saving the root ends of his scallions, cutting off only the green parts and regrowing new ones in water glasses. Damn, I thought. That is how a real cook does it.

But anything that makes us feel like we should be doing a better job in the kitchen is not helpful right now. So far, we don’t have to be chefs and bakers and gardeners and learn every homesteading skill in the book. For normal people in strange times, just getting dinner on the table is a small victory.

Here are five recipes to help you do that this week.