Kelly Ripa Admits To Cutting Her Hair With Kitchen Scissors And Opens Up About Her Grey Hair During Quarantine!

Not too long ago, Kelly Ripa warned her followers not to cut their own hair out of boredom or even necessity while in quarantine. However, it seems like she could not resist the urge herself and the TV personality ended up giving herself a haircut with kitchen scissors!

During the newest episode of ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’ that aired today, the co-host confessed to having cut her own hair at home amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, it doesn’t seem like she got around to also box-dyeing it as she showed off her grey roots.

Kelly and her hubby Mark Consuelos had a sit down on the at home version of the show and chatted on camera, her new DIY haircut being one of the topics of discussion.

‘I’m not going to lie, I cut my own hair. I used kitchen scissors, we don’t have haircutting scissors. I didn’t cut bangs, because that is…’

Well, at least she avoided getting bangs since that was why she mainly warned her followers not to cut their own hair – having done that and failing, a long time ago.

Sure enough her husband added: ‘I would have stopped you. I did not say anything, but I was ready to jump in just in case you went across the bang.’

During the same episode, she also opened up about her grey hair, saying that: ‘Anybody that follows me on Instagram knows [my hair] is sprayed. [Mark] does not have a gray hair on his head.’

Then she went on to show off the roots that were peeking out to her followers.

Mark was really sweet about it, even though Kelly’s signature hair color has always been blonde, saying that: ‘Since I met you, you told me that you’re gray. And I gotta tell you, I always see you in the morning and think it looks beautiful. I like it. I am looking forward to when it is completely gray.’


Hearing this, Kelly joked that it will probably happen by the end of the week!

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