pwnmaster300013m ago(Edited 0m ago)

Lol every time someone doubts MS, it seems like you always reply back like they hurt your feelings or something….

I do feel like MS is going to be better this gen, but let’s be honest. MS did so horrible with X1 that releasing any sort of amazing new IP, the fans will cheer like they are the second coming of Jesus.

I mostly a PlayStation fan, since they have never disappointed me in any gen but I usually own all 3 consoles, besides this gen where I did not buy a X1, since it was so lack luster.
I might get the new series X, maybe. I’m not a graphic whore no more. I love games and how they perform, I have no doubt the series X can execute the performance, but games I will like. Idk yet.
This honestly felt like the beginning of every gen.
MS gets everyone hype, people shit on Sony, then by the end of the gen Sony ends up on top of second after Nintendo.



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