Feel that there is no joy any longer now that you are in college? Here are the budget consoles and accessories that will make life fun!

The life of a college student includes so much more than simply notes and essays. There are many periods during their daily lives when students feel the need to channel their extra energy into something fun and fantasy-like. You can achieve this by loading up a new or familiar game and get thoroughly engrossed into the alternate reality it offers.

This article will help you know about the best console (read budget console) that you can buy, considering you are in college and typically don’t have much money to spare. If you are particularly pressed for time, you might want to consider these best essay writing service reviews and figure out which one would work best for you. We also guide you through the choicest game console accessories also meant for students who are on a budget in this article. After you have read through this post, ordered and got the items delivered, it is the time to get the party started!

Best Budget Gaming Console

Our choice of the best budget gaming console is:

Xbox One S (it will cost you around $365-$505)

  •     The console will cost you $250 with 500GB of storage and $300 for 1TB of storage.
  •     For the Microsoft Controllers, you need to pay up $45.
  •     For the Third-Party Controllers, you need to pay up $25.
  •     Subscription charges amount to $40/year.
  •     You can also get a Controller Charging Station for $30.

If you are looking for a gaming console from the manufacturers like Sony and Microsoft, then you have to know that both companies offer a wide variety of console models, but the Xbox One S from Microsoft stable is the cheapest. Further, you can finish your gaming setup with all the accessories for under $400 with this model. In terms of price, it is almost as affordable as the switch model offered by Nintendo. It is also one of the few consoles out there that has a cheap 500GB variant. Do you find yourself with little time to devote to gaming? You might want to consider hiring speedypaper. It has helped thousands of learners to gain more time for their favorite activity – gaming.

You need to add to the console at least a single controller and a charging station. Mix it with a subscription for Xbox Live Gold, which will cost you a yearly sum of $40 for a great gaming experience. This subscription is often offered at discounted rates of $30 only. This makes you ready to play the latest games with an initial minimum investment of $365.

Another great thing going for the One S is the great variety of side benefits. It will let you watch Blu-ray disks in perfect 4K glory, thereby helping you cut costs on entertainment gadgets. Another great thing about the console is the fact that it is backwards compatible with most games meant for the Xbox 360. You should be aware that you are going to be spending a lot on games. With that in mind, a large library of great, cheap and indie games helps.

Best Budget Game Accessories

If you want some great accessories to go along with your Xbox One, you need not necessarily spend a lot. You can get the accessories mentioned in the following list at a rather low price. None of them is priced above $20. Remember that knowledge is power, and that the information provided in this article is sure to help you. Hire top essay services if you think you are pressed for time. Fun matters too!

  • PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox One

This Xbox one controller third-party variant is appealing for the buyer who is on a budget and is looking for a particularly smart buy. It has all the essential features you would want out of your controller. The build quality is outstanding too. The rear grips house bonus buttons and this controller is perfect for you if you have lots of friends with whom you want to play games, considering it costs $20 at Amazon.

  • PowerA Play & Charge Kit for Xbox One

This is the ideal charging station for the PowerA controllers we mentioned above. It ensures that the batteries of controllers are always fully charged 24*7. The charging station ships with two batteries and the set is simply the best charging solution for your PowerA controllers. It will cost you $15 at Amazon.

  • Snakebyte Head: Set X

This stereo headset is up for grabs at a really low price. However, that does not mean that you compromise with the sound quality in any way. Further, the headset looks cute and is quite comfortable. The design of the stereo headset from Snakebyte is foldable. You can get the set for a mere $18 at Amazon.

  • PDP Talon Media Remote for Xbox

This accessory is one of the rare ones that change your Xbox experience completely. It provides you with a wide range of entertainment controls for your Xbox right in the palm of your hand. Not to mention the great reliability provided by the strong IR blaster. It will cost you $15 only.

  • PowerA Xbox One S Vertical Stand

This is yet another great Xbox One Accessory from the house of PowerA. With this, you can now store your console vertically. The console stand is particularly reliable, and the rock steady clip-on design is guaranteed to be safe. It costs $8.

  • ElecGear 4 Port USB Xbox One S Hub

The neat thing about this USB splitter hub is the fact that it attaches itself to the console’s sides with perfection. Its support for the latest USB versions is limited, which means you can’t connect HDD and SSDs to your console. However, there are plenty of functionalities on offer through the chargers and controllers you can connect with your console. It costs $17.

  • Mpow Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

There are games out there like Warframe and Fortnight that offer a better playing experience with a keyboard and mouse combo. Go wireless with the same for as low as $19 with this combo pack.

Game on, shall we?


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