Many people travel for vacation and business around the world. Since the number of people who vape is increasing by the day, the need to have travel guidelines for vapers is increasing as well. Basically, you must know the vaping laws of the country you are visiting. But before that, there is also the hurdle of going through the airport.

Airlines provide you with the rules for carrying the device since they also take a lot of precautions. They do not allow people to vape in airplanes. Passengers are required to keep e-cigarettes and accessories in their hand luggage until they arrive at their destinations. These destinations have their own laws about vaping. Let us look at the vaping guidelines in major countries around the world.

USA and Canada

These countries have flexible rules, and travelers will not have a hard time coping with them. In the USA, for example, e-juice is considered to be a controlled substance, and those who use it should be over 21 years old. On the other hand, Canadians who are 19 years and over can access these accessories. In both countries, people are allowed to vape in designated places like some restaurants, bars, and clubs and in their homes without any questioning by the authorities.

The United Kingdom

This country allows people to vape in designated areas as well. Upon touching down, you can enjoy your first vape in a public restaurant before you even get to your hotel room. However, you cannot do this in hospitals and certain other public places where other people may be endangered. The UK has many websites that sell vape devices and e cig accessories of your choice, and the good thing is that they can ship your order.

Thailand and Singapore

Forget vaping if you are visiting these countries. It is a banned activity, and the authorities are very strict about imposing this regulation. Actually, you risk going to jail if you insist on doing it. Therefore, this is the time to carry your nicotine gum and other alternatives that will take care of your tobacco cravings. In extreme cases of nicotine withdrawal, you can consider smoking a mild cigarette if the country allows it.

Rest of the World

Other countries around the world either regulate vaping or have banned it. Many Asian and South American countries have totally banned the use of these devices as they wait for guidelines from their health researchers. Over time, some are lifting the ban and now provide legal guidelines.

Many African countries have not banned the use of e-cigs, and they have no guidelines yet. They are now trying to develop such regulations. Thus, travelers should understand tobacco guidelines since they are the current guides for vaping. This includes the prohibition on use in public places and rules about buying the products.


It is crucial to stay safe while traveling. Make sure that you have the right information on vaping in a specific country that you will be visiting. It is the only way to stay out of trouble and enjoy the vaping experience while traveling. If possible, visit places where you will meet other vapers to make friends.


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