With PlayStation Store’s releases this week, take a masterclass in intense musou action, question your sanity in an off-world Lovercraftian horror, or be spellbound exploring an alien world built for PS VR by a gaming legend.

Let’s take a look.

One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Omega Force, the Japanese studio who’ve specialised in the musou genre, brings its combat expertise once more to popular manga and anime series One Piece. Pick your favourite character and get to showcasing increasingly-stylish takedowns of masses of enemies.

Moons of Madness

‘Lovecraftian cosmic horror’ is the kind of enticing description that should make genre fans sit up and take note. Originally due out earlier this year, Rocket Pocket Games’ nightmarish, Mars-set adventure is finally ready for launch. Get ready to question what’s real while trying to escape some horrifying monstrosities.

Paper Beast

Éric Chahii creator of seminal 90s puzzle platformer Another World, returns with another intriguing vision of an alien world. PS VR makes this new creation, a journey through a surreal-like landscape interacting with unique creatures, all the more immersive. For PS VR owners, it’s definitely a title you should read more about.

*All game releases correct at time of publication

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source: playstation.com


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