Style rules Melania Trump should learn from Kate Middleton for India trip

What lessons can the current First Lady of the United States learn from Kate Middleton when it comes to flawless diplomatic dressing?

Kate has been on a number of diplomatic trips abroad, including Pakistan in October 2019 and India and Bhutan in April 2016.

A royal biographer has impressed the importance of clothing on such events on readers of Town & Country.

Marcia Moody said: “Adhering to dress codes means that for some countries hemlines, sleeve-lengths, and necklines need to be considered.

“Men may need tie pins, medals, sashes, and handkerchiefs.

“Women often pay respect to the country with a national flower or symbol incorporated into their clothing. Symbolic colours are chosen, significant jewellery decided upon.”

What are Kate Middleton’s secrets for dressing overseas?

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