Tamar Braxton seems to have deleted all of her Instagram posts since the other day. Fans don’t know what’s going on, and some people freaked out, believing that maybe something bad happened between her and David Adefeso.

But people were happy to see David posting some amazing videos featuring Tamar from Cabo San Lucas. Check out his post below:

‘The last 20 months have been like a dream come true. Who would’ve guessed that two oceans would meet that one warm summer night in the Pacific and so quickly unite to form an unbreakable bond that gets so much stronger every day. Through every storm that forms the tide gets stronger, and each wave creates another indescribable memory that lasts a lifetime. Words can’t begin to describe how much I love you, my @tamarbraxton, but our memories may help in showing how many ways you complete me. Happy Valentines Day my love❤️. I love you completely❤️❤️🥰🥰❤️❤️’ David captioned his emotional post.

One follower said: ‘why can’t I find this kind of love..I am a good woman. But to be serious I am happy for you two and I love you together. I love to see people happy. I know one day my time will come..I will be waiting patiently #sorryfortherant.’

A fan was also happy for the couple and posted this: ‘Aww that soo sweet. He is a keeper when a man is not afraid to let the world know his feelings that is true love. I am soooo happy for the both of you continue to shine and shower each other with unconditional LOVE..Happy Valentine Day!!!’

A follower said: ‘Wife her already. We already bought the outfits we coming to this Nigerian wedding.’

Someone else posted this: ‘I am so happy for the two of you. God is awesome and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!!’ and a fan said: ‘Beautiful couple just Love each other as much as possible life is short.’

One other commenter wrote: ‘You truly got lucky Tamara. This guy really loves you🔥❤️ I hope only the best for you and your son. Your struggle was real and God blessed you with a beautiful soul. You have matured and grown as a woman. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees that.’


Tamar recently killed some breakup rumors that have been floating online.

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