The King of Rock and Roll was famous for all sorts of things aside from his music. There was his love of karate to meeting President Richard Nixon, but why did Elvis Presley shoot out his TVs? Well, his cousin Billy Smith, a member of the Memphis Mafia, revealed why on his son’s YouTube channel Memphis Mafia Kid.

At Elvis’ Memphis mansion at Graceland, fans can visit his black and yellow decorated TV room.

Embedded in the wall are three television sets, so Elvis could watch a number of programs at the same time.

While across the road from the house, where some of his possessions are on display, one of the TVs that he put a bullet through is there to see.

But just why did he shoot them?

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Later on, in the video, Billy also mentioned how around 1975 he discovered that Elvis had hilariously shot his commode.

Meanwhile, an Elvis movie is set for release next year directed by Baz Luhrmann.

The King will be played by Austin Butler who starred as Tex Watson in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, while Tom Hanks has been cast as his manager Colonel Tom Parker.

Last year, Priscilla Presley gave an update on the “very stylised Elvis movie.

The 74-year-old, who had a three-hour lunch with the director, told Smooth Radio: “I’m involved as much as Baz will let me be involved because he’s learning as he’s going along. I had Jerry come to my house and visit with Baz.

“We had lunch, and Baz told us both what he had in mind. Now, mind you, this is Baz Luhrmann. It’s going to be very stylised. I mean, this is not going to be just a regular film.

“Yeah. I met him in Memphis. He brought Austin over, who is playing Elvis, to meet me. I am meeting with Austin soon, back in LA. He is sending me the script when they finish up the little details. So he has me pretty much involved.”

The untitled Elvis Presley biopic will be released on October 1, 2021.



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