The Mafia boss allegedly had strong connections with the Toronto area in Canada. Giuseppe Gregoraci, known as Pino, from Siderno, Italy was found dead in his prison cell last week, according to an Italian newspaper called il Quotidiano del Sud.

The 51-year-old allegedly hanged himself and was dead by the time first aid got to him.

The Voghera prison is in the Lombardy region.

Italian police said Gregoraci was a lieutenant under Giuseppe, who was the Master, in the Calabrian Mafia.

Gregoraci visited Toronto last spring to look for clues on the murder of his cousin.

His cousin, Carmelo Muia, known as Mino, was shot dead in Siderno in January 2018.

Gregoraci arrived in the Greater Toronto area on March 31, 2019 with Muia’s brother.

While they were in Toronto, they met the brothers Cosimo and Angelo Figliomeni of York Region.

The Figliomeni brothers were arrested last August for being in the arm of an operation called Project Sindicato in what York Regional Police have described as the region’s largest ever anti-Mafia operation.

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The organisation had five Ferrari sports cars, 27 homes and millions of dollars in cash which were all seized by police.

The police also shut down 500 bank accounts.

York Regional Police Chief Eric Jolliffe said: “We have dismantled the financial structure of this organized crime operation, both here and in Italy,”

Gregoraci was allegedly one of 28 members of the Calabrian Mafia.

At the time of the arrests, Italian police said they had captured the “top management” of the crime organisation.



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