Journey to the Savage Planet review


What is it? A survival-metroidvania hybrid with jokes.
Expect to pay $30/£24, Epic Games Store
Developer Typhoon Studios
Publisher Epic GamesReviewed on: i7 9700K, RTX 2080 TI, 16GB RAM
Multiplayer 2-player co-op

Given that it looks so much like No Man’s Sky at a glance and it’s made by former Assassin’s Creed III and Far Cry 4 director Alex Hutchinson’s new studio, perhaps it’s best to start with which games Journey to the Savage Planet is not like. 

Although you and a co-op partner find yourself in a raucously colourful distant planet scanning its local life forms and scavenging raw materials for crafting, it isn’t anything like as non-linear or as vast as No Man’s Sky. And sure, there’s a gun occupying the bottom-right of the screen, but Far Cry In Space it is not. What Typhoon Studios have made with their debut title is something else.