Ray J Reveals His Plans To Keep The Romance Alive With Princess Love Despite Having To Change ‘100 Diapers Every 2 Days!’

Ray J and Princess Love have a newborn son as well as a one year old daughter to take care of and that cannot be easy! However, during a new interview, the man made it very clear that he wants to keep the fire of romance burning between him and Princess even though they are ‘changing 100 diapers every 2 days!

Usually, parents with such young kids don’t really have much time for romance which is unfortunate but also realistic.

But that does not deter Ray from promising that he’ll still give a lot of attention and affection to his wife as soon as they settle properly as a family of four.

As fans know, the pair announced the birth of their newest addition to the family, baby boy Epik Ray Norwood on December 30, 2019.

That being said, they are very focused on taking care of the infant but also of their other child, daughter Melody Norwood, who is only 20 months old.

During a chat with HollywoodLife, Ray J told the news outlet about his plans to keep the flame alive.

When asked what is in store for the new year, the celeb dished that ‘The main thing is just being a good father. I just had a boy and my daughter is one and he is right behind her. It is a lot more diapers we have to change and also a lot more late nights. But hey, it is all worth it. I am changing like a hundred diapers every 2 days. I change my daughter’s diapers, ’cause my son is a newborn and my wife has a whole little routine.’


As for the romance topic, he told the news outlet that ‘I think I am going to have to step it up in a few months. Now that my wife had the baby and it is done and that process is over, we have to focus on parenting. But then we have to start turning it back to us again. And I have to make sure she is loved and she is treated in that way. So I mean, I definitely have to step it up.’

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source: celebrityinsider.org