Amazon Echo: New things to ask Alexa and surprise price drop revealed

Amazon’s popular Echo smart speakers continue to offer great features and good value for money. These devices, which start from £49.99, can switch on your lights, answer questions and make your weekly shopping list via simple voice commands.

They’ll also play music, set timers, read you the news and tell if you need to take an umbrella on your morning walk to work.

Over the Christmas period, the Echo range was slashed in price but, sadly, most of the deals have now come to an end.

However, there is still one surprising deal that makes buying an Echo a little cheaper.

UK retailer, Currys, is stocking the cute Echo Spot in white for £79.99 – that’s a £40 saving off the usual price.

Amazon doesn’t sell the Spot any more with the retailer choosing to launch its Show range instead – so this could be one of the last chances to pick up this ball-shaped smart device.

As a quick reminder, the Echo Spot features a circular 2.5-inch screen which can display a range of information such as weather and snippets of news.

Speakers belt out sound at reasonable levels and there’s also a small in-built camera which means you can use the Spot to make video calls to your friends and family.


If the spot sounds like something you fancy then you might need to be quick as Currys says its £79.99 price is a “limited time” deal.

For those that have already treated themselves to an Echo…here’s 19 things you might want to ask Alexa

Alexa, open the bedroom shades by 50%”
Now you can use your voice to control select smart window blinds and shades from IKEA, Lutron and Somfy.

Alexa, announce breakfast is ready”
Ask Alexa to make announcements on all compatible Echo devices in your household or the Alexa app.

Alexa, help me get fit”

Alexa, play Radio 1”

Alexa, play Mellow Magic”

Alexa, how many people live in China?”

Alexa, clear my shopping list”

Alexa, open Eighties Feel the Pressure”

Alexa, how far away is Paris?”

Alexa, what’s the weather in Barcelona?”

Alexa, set a recurring alarm for Wednesday at 6:30 a.m.”

Alexa, read my Kindle book”

Alexa, make an announcement”

Alexa, tell me a coffee joke”

Alexa, give me a chocolate brownie recipe”

Alexa, what day is it?”

Alexa, add nappies to my basket”

Alexa, what sci-fi films are playing?”

Alexa, add an event at 6 p.m.”