Monkey game… what an experience.
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  1. being able to sees sound waves is a way to visually represent high capabilities in differenciating sounds through the player's main comunication channel with the game itself, its sight

  2. I can't disagree more. This has been the best game I've played in a while. The lack of objectives has led me to play a game for the first really feeling like I'm choosing the story. Every game that advertises itself as "make your own story" doesn't come close to this because there is no dialogue or story here. My actions are the stories. This game is outstanding but I can understand people more used to mainstream games that hold your hand every step of the way finding this frustrating.

    It's not dumb at all. If this is dumb, dark souls is dumb.

    Let me give you an example of why I loved this so much. On my first play through I explored a little outside my settlement and got attacked by a croc. I was bleeding all the way home without knowing how to heal. I died in my sleep. The bones of that particular ancestor are still exactly where I died. Many years later another ancestor called Re, was the first to find other areas we could settle, but had to first get rid of the predators around it. She (I) spend her time sharpening sticks and taking a few clan members at a time, she took the son of my first ancestor who died before seeing the change to a new settlement and. There was a tiger and I found a cliff I could store my stick so I could get them safely. Re became the first ape to ever kill predators and then moved the rest of the clan to a new settlement. Many years later Re died of old age in the settlement she founded. Now I'm going to start my next adventure. I will always be able to go back and see the bones of the ancestors that caused these mega changes in the history of the species.

    I've never felt such a great sense of adventure and purpose playing a game before. I do understand making tools and such becomes repetitive, but to call this game dumb when it does so much and takes so many risks against the mainstream formula of games today to create an experience for the player is just disheartening. Open your mind man.

  3. I feel like this is one of those games that conceptually sounds like a good idea for like 5 seconds before you actually think of how it's going to work. From the first time I saw this game announced I knew it was going to flop. Seemed like a classic case of a creative not having enough people around him to say no.

  4. Heres a stupid idea lol, What if they made it so that as you evolve you eventually learned how to remap your controls and menu descriptions ended up changing to something less vague lol. That'd be hella immersion right there, too stupid to understand basic concepts but eventually growing to make the game control even better.

  5. I really like the game and I've learned a lot from it so far. You should not take games so literally, I feel like you will get disappointed with a lot of games like that


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