Horror as 15 people rescued from sick sect church's tortuous rituals in mass grave find

Victims had endured tortuous conditions in the three months of its operation.They were reportedly beaten with bibles, choked and even had inflamed sticks rammed into their mouths.

Reports also say victims were hacked with machetes to make them “repent their sins”.

During the raid by the authorities, a mass grave was also uncovered, in the village of Santa Catalina, Panama,

It is where a church is where a group known as The New Light of God was operating.

Local reports say all the victims were locals who had been held captive by priests of the sect.

Footage has shown victims being carted off to hospital by helicopter.

Ten members of the sect have been arrested, the Panamanian Ministry of Public Security has confirmed – though their identity has yet to be revealed.

Even children abducted from their home are among the victims.

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He said via the Daily Star: “When we arrived we were told there was a mass grave in the area, the National Police has since confirmed its existence.”

Indeed, some horrific reports suggest claim the victims were subjected to burning sticks being lodged into victims’ mouths.

The sect thought this would cast out the demons.

Other rituals included sacrificing animals.

A lamb was found with its tongue missing in the location in which the atrocities took place.

Lawyer Rafael Baloyes said via the Star: “It is a complex case.

“The group abused people and committed criminal acts against the local community.

“We are going to quiz the injured people to find out if there are other victims and what criminal acts have been committed.

“There could be even more victims.”

Police were led to the area by three victims who escaped.

It is now yet known what beliefs he New Light of God church has.

source: express.co.uk