The First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, donned a navy trench coat to accompany her husband to the sporting event. Her look was soon attacked by waves of critics on social media. One Twitter user commented: “I’m still wondering why Melania wore a raincoat to the Superdome.”

A second said: “She looks like a beetle!”

Another added: “Please bin the coat Melania!”

Sue Mook posted on Twitter: “Horrible. I normally do not say anything about FLOTUS but come on it’s a football game not a fashion show. Ugly Outfit.”

Donna Masiello wrote on twitter: “As ugly as everything else she wears.”

Many Twitter users likened Melania’s outfit to a “garbage bag”.

Kim wrote on Twitter: “Melania debuts her new line of leisure wear for trash people.”

Fred Harding wrote: “Big deal, Melania was in a garbage bag. Her designer captured her essence.”

Larissa Drenner asked: “Why is Melania wearing a garbage bag at the National Championship?”

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Some Twitter users mocked Melania by claiming she was attempting a military look .

One Twitter user wrote: “Why does Melania always wear a trench coat like a spy from an awful 1960s bad movie?”

A second added: “Melania look like she’s in the SS.”

Beverley Howard said: “She needs a whip to complete the outfit.”

Some claimed Melania looked like she was “living in The Matrix”.

Many people took the opportunity to take a swipe at Mr Trump.

One Twitter user posted: “Appropriate for sitting next to toxic waste.”

Despite the criticisms, Melania’s fans took to social media to compliment the First Lady and her style.

Jason Howerton posted on Twitter: “Just take a look at FLOTUS. Look at that coat.

“She is without question one of the most STUNNING First Ladies ever.”

Mary McCallum wrote: “What we saw was not an outfit but a beautiful Trench Coat. I thought she wore it well.”



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