episode 194
today im taking a look at a fan made NES game called Nova The Squirrel and its an action platformer released in 2018. it can be found here https://novasquirrel.itch.io/nova-the-squirrel and yes the game is released for free. so with that said thanks for watching and commenting


  1. The graphics look so good. I’ve never heard of this game and the NES is my least played system so it’s always nice to learn about games that inspire that system. I really enjoyed the gameplay and I’m always a big fan of making games accessible (less difficult lol). Perhaps deep down, the developers are fans of conker but obviously could not use any reference to that ip. However it is developers like these that should be looked at by Microsoft etc. to possibly let them work on a side scrolling conker. That would be awesome. Great review man.


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