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Fortnite Food Trucks

Let loose your inner foodie and find those food trucks.

Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 may be a refresh of the game, but the challenges are the same as last season. A set of tasks is available to players each week, giving them experience points (XP) when completed. Points acquired increase a player’s tier level, which unlocks more content, especially if they have a season Battle Pass. 

The season is over, but developer Epic Games released another set of challenges Thursday to tide players over until the start of season 2. 

Remedy vs. Toxin challenges

Fortnite Remedy vs. Toxin Challenges

The Remedy vs. Toxin Overtime Challenges 

Epic Games

Visit three different food trucks

For this week’s challenge, there are three food trucks to find on the island. The trucks can be found in certain clearings, and they’re a good distance away from each other. For players who want to complete this challenge in a single match, start off with the food truck north of Pleasant Park and head south to grab the other two. Check the map for the three locations and plan accordingly. 

Fortnite Food Truck map

The location of the three food trucks.

Epic Games

Visit three different bus stops in a single match 

Unlike the previous food trucks challenge, the bus stops are somewhat close to each other. Start at whichever stop is closest to where the Battle Bus is traveling and then rotate to complete the challenges. See the map below on where the bus stops are. 

Fortnite Bus Stops map

A map of the three bus stops on the island. 

Epic Games

Epic did tweet Thursday that there were some issues with bus stops not counting toward the completion of the challenge. Players may have to try this task a little later if that’s the case for them. 

And here are the rest of the week’s challenges: 

  • Reach Battle Pass Tier 40.
  • Complete nine Remedy Vs Toxin mission objectives.
  • Earn three Silver Survivor medals.
  • Three SMG eliminations. 
  • Search seven chests at landmarks.
  • Reach 100 of both Health and Shield in three different matches. 
  • Deal damage with a common, uncommon and rare weapon in a single match. 
  • Deal 2,500 damage to enemy structures. 
  • Achieve Weapon Specialist accolades by dealing damage with weapons.
  • Be first to catch a fish, first to land from the Battle Bus or first to get an elimination. 

Fortnite is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC and Android and iOS devices.